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ULMWP The Meepago Paniai East Committee Carried out Mass Mobilization At Komopa

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THETPN-PBNEWS.COM–Gallery Release of Papua or United Liberation Move For West Papua (ULMWP) has carried out socialization, consolidation and mass mobilization in the Mepago area in order to welcome the arrival of the Human Rights Commission (HAM) UN Papua in Papua.

The Coordinator of the Andi Yeimo Socialization which is also chairman (WPNCL) said that this activity was a follow-up of decisions determined at the moment of the welcome UN Human Rights Commission in Dimiya Paniai 5, 2022

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Yeimo reminded that in the near future his party will carry out socialization in wilaya mepago as a form of people’s readiness for past human rights violations to show Indonesia is the perpetrator of severe Human rights violations.

“The following agenda will we sit in socialization with the people of Mepago komopa with the limits of Deyatei, Okebouda, Uwapatakaida, Makatakaida and surrounding it will be scheduled for this month as well”. Andi said Andi to the media of The TPNPB NEWS Vullmembers Alampa Wednesday, (07/03/2022)

The Meepago Habel Nawipa regional government’s head said he was welcoming both against the launch of the Temporary Law (UUDS) of the result of the third annual hearing of the Legislature Committee

“Meanwhile, the Indonesian Constitution will be mamastikan that all the people of West Papua, non-Indonesian Police/Colonial Indonesia must be subject to the rules and norms of democracy, human rights, and determine the fate of their own” Clearly Nawipa

Because of December 31, 2021 said Habel, Law No. 21 Year 2021 concerning Special Autonomy ended and the nation of West Papua (Sorosng to Merauke) indirectly has no administrative and state because it is the decision of the Legislative Committee to form a Temporary Constitution and ty for West Papua.

Fredi Nakapa has already read the letter of deposit from the Supreme Commander of West Papua Damianus D.R.R Magai Yogi which contains the insistence of the Indonesian state to schedule the arrival of the UN Human Rights commission to see West Papua from near.

Damianus added that the victim’s family on an event of bloody Ham Paniaaku violations, Oneibo bleeding, Wasior bleeding, Intan Jaya bleeding and throughout the land of Papua generally requests to be completed fairly and dignified.

“The victims’ families in cases of human rights violations from 1961-2022 in the Meepago region asked to be fairly processed by the third party through international journalist to come to see, hearing and assessing us if not heeded, I was ready to mobilize Makodap troops, the Air Force, Army, and Organic and non-Organicist regions to make papua.”

(Vullmembers Alampa)



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