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TPNPB OPM Rejects Expansion of New Provinces in Papua

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The Leader of the Supreme Commander of the TPNPB OPM Firmly Rejects the Division of Provinces and even Regencies

Paniai, THETPN-PBNEWS.COM — The Supreme Commander of the West Papua National Liberation Army of the Free Papua Organization (TPNPB OPM) General RR Demianus Magai Yogi Revealed that We Reject Special Autonomy Volume II and the Expansion of Provinces, Regencies and Cities, said Yogi on Monday, 5 / 04/2022 this afternoon.

Demianus Magai Yogi said that the discourse on the implementation of OTSUS volume II and even the divisions of provinces, regencies and cities in Papua is clearly under the policy imposed by the central government, only to seize Papua’s natural wealth rights. Yogi said

At the beginning of the presence of Special Autonomy and even the expansion of the land of Papua, only until the present time the people have never felt welfare, but Special Autonomy and the Expansion of Provinces only brought in the NKRI Military, in the end, the Papuans, the owners of the land, live in fear and suffering, Damianus said.

All Birth Organs only lead to conflict for the sake of the interests of the state of capitalism, Papua has become a Military Operation Area so that human rights violations occur everywhere in Papua. And the Papuan people are victims on the land of West Papua.

Yogi said that almost all components and layers of the people had conveyed that special autonomy failed to take sides, deceive and protect the land and people of Papua. Therefore, TPNPB OPM and Papuans demand the right of democratic self-determination.

“Indonesia is trying to manipulate the situation and aspirations of the Papuan people. Indonesia shows a one-sided compromise between the local political elite and Jakarta to pass the revision of the Special Autonomy Law for Papua and the Proposed New Autonomous Region for the New Autonomy Region, so that the Papuan people are not involved in determining their future destiny,” he said.

Furthermore, the Supreme Commander of the TPNPB OPM said, Jakarta and the Papuan bureaucratic elites do not care about the protracted political conflict that continues to bleed in Papua, and especially today’s massive military operation in west Papua.

Meanwhile, one of the Wegebino Post Commands, Mr. Melianus Muyapa, said that the presence of OTSUS and the expansion in Papua had a negative impact on the Papuan people, namely that the people were genocide (the extermination of the Papuan race). In addition, Muyapa said, all illegal companies enter without permits, be it mining, palm oil on a large scale which causes damage to Papua’s nature too. said muyapa

Melianus said that the TPNPB OPM will not remain silent, but the guerrilla war will continue until Papua is independent, even if the Indonesian government implements the expansion of the New Autonomous Region (DOB).

Apart from that, TPN OPM also, remains opposed to all capitalism and all development and please label your name with the Terrorism, KKB and KSP groups. We also continue to interfere with Indonesia’s development in Papua to the point of self-determination.

Reporter : Anton M Gobai/KM
Editor : vull

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