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TPNPB OPM Kaimana Declares War Against TNI/Polri

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 KAIMANA ,THETPN-PBNEWS.COM-On March 24, 2022, the group, calling themselves the Dare to Die Army of the West Papua National Liberation Army-Free Papua Organization (TPNPB-OPM) Kaimana Kuri declared war against the TNI

  Brigadier General Marten Murmana, the commander of TPNPB Kaimana issued a statement that we are ready to continue the Revolutionary War Stages according to Resolution .

 Marten delivered a statement of the position of TPNPB-OPM Kaimana Kuri, in front of his troops.  “We are the Papuan people who have the birthright of this land, so don’t be afraid of the devil nation and stand up to fight,” said Marten Murmana.

 And also Marten Murmana delivered five statements of position asking various parties to get involved in the Papua issue.  Including the Vatican, here are five points of attitude statement of TPNPB Kodap XII Kaimana Kuri:

 1. The head of the world Catholic Church, the Pope at the Vatican Rome immediately urged the UN to intervene in the UN security council.  Because in Papua, the congregation and the priest of the Catholic church were victims of armed contact between the TPNPB and the TNI/POLRI;

 2. The leadership of the World Council of Churches urges the United Nations to intervene in Papua.  Because in Papua there are many church members in Papua who are victims of the TPNPB war with TNI and POLRI;

 3. Indonesia opens access to the UN Human Rights Commission Fact-Finding Team in Papua;

 4. Indonesia must open access for international journalists to Papua;

 5. We TPNPB reject the division of provinces and districts throughout Papua.

 “We Papuans of all generations are ready and will fight against Indonesia with weapons and natural forces. In this case we are not afraid and will fight,” said Marten Murmana*.

 Redaksi: (Gen RR vullmembers Alampa)

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