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TPN – OPM Member Has Died In Puncak Regency : (ALITEU KOGOYA)

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 PUNCAK,THETPN-PBNEWS.COM–On behalf of Aliteu kogoya is a new Recruit member in 2021 in Puncak Regency.  Ilaga accidentally Aliteu with his family at 15:25 pm IN PUNCAK DISTRICT behind the PUNCAK DPRD office. Has been killed by the JOINT POLRI TNI IN PUNCAK REGENCY “


After being appointed TPN – OPM Member.  YEAR 2021 IN PUNCAK SAUDARA DISTRICT is new to attending training education and has not mastered the Technical Field of War, the position of friends has not been separated from TPN-OPM status. Still in education.

 According to the story of the victim’s family, the brother of Anak is a native of Puncak ilaga Regency in the Ilaga District, KAMPUNG NIPONI. ALITEU KOGOYA’s brother has not yet become a legal member of the KKB OR Tpn-opm

 TNI POLRI combined POS BRIGIF Ilaga Have completed the death of brother Aliteu Kogoya as a member of the Barisan. Easy YEAR 2021. Sunday 04/04/2022 time 15:25 members have been found as suspected members of the KKB.

 Successfully killed as a member of the newest batch of 2021 KKB in Puncak Ilaga Regency.  According to the victim’s family, ALITEU KOGOYA’s brother is our best child. The KKB members from our background cannot be discussed as story material.

 This friend, the corpse is still in the location of the DPRD office, PUNCAK ILAGA REGENCY AFTER PICKING UP BOARDS to the victim’s family in Niponi’s hometown *.

 Redaksi: Gen-RR (vullmembers Alampa)

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