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TNI Raider Shoots Under 6 Years Old Emelina Duwitau Dies In Intanjaya

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Photo of the dead victim Emelina Duwitau brought to the age of 6 years in Intanjaya West Papua 4/11/2022 /doc The TPNPB News vull ist.

INTANJAYA, THETPN-PBNEWS.COM — The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) shot the wrong way to Mr. Luter Japagau, the victim was killed by the bullet of Emelina Duwitau under the age of a 6-year-old baby in Sugapa Village, Intanjaya Regency, Papua Province, Friday (4/11/2022).

According to Mr. Luter Japagau The shooting that occurred in the village of Sugapa Intajaya, this was without a problem carried out by the Indonesian National Army TNI. Planned to kill me but wrong raif or wrong shot ended up getting hit The bullet was brought by a 6 year old baby named Emelina Duwitau Died.

“Papua Intanjaya is filled with Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) Military. Takes serious human rights law actions against the Papuan people so that they are exposed to Sharp Lightning under the age of 6 years and are shot by Indonesian state security forces’ TNI” then Battalion Para Raider 305 Kostrad Lieutenant Colonel Inf Ardiansyah, S. Hub.,intanjaya, President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir Jokowi Dodo, TNI General Muhammad Andika Perkasa, S.E., M.A., M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D. (TNI Commander) and his entourage immediately took responsibility for being shot under the age of a 6-year-old baby, the victim died “firmly from Emelina Duwitau’s parents, Mr. Melli Duwitau”.

In the same place, Oktovianus Duwitau said, “The Serious Human Rights case that occurred in Intenjaya is truly an act that violates Geneva’s international humanitarian law, but we from the victim’s side asked for a visit by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in West Papua.

Editor: Gen RR Vull

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