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Thursday, May 12, 2022 Meeting together Eu Parliament will be held

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Pcture Meeting together Eu Parliament will be held

Internasional Parlement For west Papua meeting in EU Parliament, yang akan laksanakan pada hari ini which will be carried out on the day, Thursday, May 12, 2022

In the discussion of the meeting that will be held, the names below the leaders below will do it

BENNY WENDA Interim President Of ULMWP Productional Government Of West Papua, ALEX SOBEL Chair of the PWP Labour MP (UK), RALPH REGENVANU Leader of the opositiont Of the Republic of Vanuatu member of PWP, JOJO METHA Ce- founder of Stop Ecoc ide Internasional, CARLES PUIGDEMONT Non-attacched Member of the European Parlemen vice-chair of the PWP, PERNANDO BARENA Member of the European Parlemen (LEFT)

“West Papua: Human Rights Self Determination and Green State”

“Stop the EU-Indonesia Round of negotiations over our illegally occupied land by Indonesia Government”

“The government of Indonesia Immediately Open Access for the UN Hight Commissioner to west Papua”

Seven West Papua Regions That Will Discuss the Same Topic Different Opinions

They also see the development of Papua that is always happening between the Indonesian government and West Papua.

Papuans Ask for freedom from the colonial state’s peddlers, because Papuans have wealth Own wealth, own nature, vast land, very large population of Papua.

Therefore, the Indonesian government must open up space for Papua to express opinions in public.

It is clear that Papua has been independent from the past nine and six years ago, It’s not a new thing to do no but it is clear that we, the state of Papua, have been established

Writer : Edidubadi

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