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The Indonesian State Military TNI Conducts Brutal Shots Against Civilians In Dogiyai 2022

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Photo of Brutal Shooting Against Civilians in Dogiyai district doc the TPNPB news /2022 / vull

Dogiyai, THETPN-PBNEWS.COM — The Indonesian National Armed Forces TNI POLRI carried out brutal actions against civilians in West Papua, in Dogiyai district, November 15 2022

According to Civilians Dogiyai Marpin Goo, we are being confronted with brutal shooting by joint officers of the Indonesian national army TNI Killed one child under the age of 4 (Four) Years and 7 (Seven) Civilians hit by live bullets died on the spot.

“The Land of Papua is a military emergency for the Republic of Indonesia. They have inherited actions against civilians; the TNI has shot dead victims of civilians under the age of 4 (four) years and 7 (seven) civilians were hit by live bullets in Dogiyai and even charging at Maybrat, evacuation in Intan-jaya, Refugees in Suspected Kwirok charging in Gunung Bintang District “This is what is always the victim of innocent civilians which is carried out by the Indonesian military (TNI POLRI)” shooting dead a civilian in Dogiyai is a violation of international law Geneva Switzerland, the United Nations must take action on a visit to West Papua. Marpin Goo’s assertiveness after the conflict between the civilian people and the military of the Republic of Indonesia, the TNI 2022 today also continues.

In the same place, Othniel Yobe explained a brief chronology of the Deadly Collisions and Post-Crash Riots in Dogiyai.

Information from several villagers who witnessed the fatal crash was collected and forwarded by Mr. Otniel Yobee as Head of Putapa Village, in Kamu District, Dogiyai Regency, via telephone at 18:40 WIT from the funeral home. The events are as follows.

On Saturday, 12 November 2022, at around 15:00 WIT a few minutes past (the exact time cannot be confirmed), a car delivered wood from a resident’s building at the end of the road to Kamu Selatan, in Mauwabaa to be precise. The car was parked across the street and materials began to be unloaded. Next to the car transporting the building materials, there are several piles of sand that the residents collected for the road workers to buy, thereby narrowing the existing road area. Meanwhile, on the same road at that time, trucks carrying material for paving the road were passing by.

After all the building materials are unloaded, the owner of the building materials heads towards the driver to pay the delivery fee. When the transaction took place, behind the car, the victim, the late Jupriyanto Tebai (around 4 years old) was about to pass by. At the same time, at high speed, several trucks carrying materials headed towards the city after spilling the material. The first truck hit the boy, and so did the second truck which caused the boy’s stump to come out.

Another source explained that after the incident occurred there was commotion and protests from the community members. There was spontaneous burning of the truck as a form of protest. The combined police, Mobile Brigade and TNI opened fire, carried out sweeps and protected the market complex and as a result the people in the Moanemani market and its surroundings were busy fleeing. In this chaotic process, it was reported, two people had become additional victims, namely a migrant whose identity was not yet known and whether the victim was alive or not was not known. And another person from the Dogiyai civil society named Peleks Pigai (adult), a member of the Bamuskam, Bunauwo village, eastern Kamu district, was shot dead and died.

Until now, Saturday, November 12 2022 at 19:20, the situation is still chaotic.

The joint forces are on standby and combing and securing the market area and the Police Headquarters, Mobile Brigade and Polsek in the city of Moanemani so that after a few minutes gunshots were still heard being fired in the darkness of the night.

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