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Peaceful Demonstration Of Student And Student Associations In Order To Demand The Murderers Join The Multilation Of Four (4) Residents In Jayapura Disbanded

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Photo of Peaceful Demonstration of Student and Student Associations in Order to Prosecutors of Murder and Multilation Four (4) Residents in Jayapura Disbanded (Sen-05/09/2022/Vull doc The TPNPB News).ist

JAYAPURA, — Allegedly Jayapuran Students, September 5, 2022, Humans are the same, then the difference is Alm. Brigadier J and 4 MULTILATION victims in what timika?

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Until whenever or when the world ends, this Indonesian nation will continue to treat Papuans like animals.

The barbaric act by members of the TNI against 4 people who are civilians from Nduga on August 22, 2022 in Timika, the officers actually supported by blocking or expelling the demonstrators from the families of the victims.

The case of Sambo, for almost a month, has become hot news for public consumption. But it is also a serious concern, Jokowi, the national police chief, the TNI commander, Mahfud MD, members of the Indonesian House of Representatives and certain elite groups.

Surprisingly, the case of the murder of 4 civilians from Nduga in Timika by means of MULTILATION was left alone.

In fact, the state actually prohibits people from publishing this particular issue and the photos of the victims. This act really hurts the hearts of the Papuan people and especially the families of the victims.

A peaceful demonstration carried out by the Nduga student and student association in Jayapura in order to urge the government to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators, the police went down and dispersed.

Papuans have no hope of a good life with Indonesia.

The OAP solution stands alone without having to compromise with colonial Indonesia.

Redaksi : NDAKW.P

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