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Joint TNI-Polri Officers Shoot four Civilians In Tolikara District

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Photos of civilian victims shot by the Indonesian National Army in 19/12/2022

Tolikara, THETPN-PBNEWS.COM— Today Monday, December 19 2022, the Joint TNI & POLRI officers have shot 4 (Four) Civilians in the Tolikara district of Papua.  The shooting which was shot by the Joint TNI-Polri apparatus caused 3 (three) Seriously Injured People and one of them died.

Ekiles Tabuni said that the Tolikara civilians were conscious, not drunk. They headed to the police station to ask for the release of their friend who was detained some time ago.  However, the Tolikara Resort Police refused, resulting in a commotion and brutal shootings of Papuan people.

  What happened were the victims, Michael Bogum (gunshot wound to the right thigh, being treated at Karubaga Hospital), Metus Bogum (gunshot wound to the right hand and left leg, being treated at Karubaga Hospital), Beinus (wounds to the right abdomen and right calf, being treated at  Karubaga Hospital), Wilem Wununga (gunshot wound in left hip, referred to Wamena Hospital).  But died on the way.

The Republic of Indonesia’s military in the Tolikara district has always acted decisively with the muzzle of a firearm without prioritizing the Umanitary Rule of Law against the Papuan people in the Tolikara district.

Therefore, the civilian people call on the United Nations to take action.  the visit of the UN high commissioner for human rights human rights because Indonesia systematically kills Papuans.

Redaksi: Gen-RR Vull

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