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Indonesian President Ir Joko Widodo, Commander-in-Chief of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) Violates International Humanitarian Law Standards of the 1949 Geneva convention.

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Photo of the commander-in-chief of the West Papua Army, General Demianus M Yogi

Nabire, THETPN-PBNEWS.COM — The Indonesian National Armed Forces [TNI] military shot dead a civilian, a man, Yohanes Tebai, died on the spot and Vincen Dogomo was shot with a gunshot wound in the thigh. They rushed to the nearest hospital in Ekagokunu Bomomani village, Mapia District, Dogiyai Regency, Province Central Papua Saturday. [21/1/2023. 2-30 West Papua Time (Wpb).

The Supreme Commander of the West Papua Army, West Papua Army, General Demianus M Yogi, said that the husband and wife went to the plantation as farmers were shot by the Indonesian National Army. They were shot while heading to their garden on the Nabire-Dogiyai border, to be precise, in Bomomani Village, Mapia District, Dogiyai Regency, Saturday (21/1) afternoon.

The commander-in-chief of the WPA West Papua Army, Damianus RR Magai Yogi namely TPNPB, TNPB and TRWP stated that the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) violated international humanitarian law standards at the 1945 Geneva convention harming or shooting victims to death in a place called Yohanes Tebai. Meanwhile, John’s wife was allegedly shot in the knee.

“John’s wife was also shot in the knee and has been rushed to Nabire Hospital,” said Demianus when confirmed by via his cell phone, Saturday (21/1/2023)

Demianus also emphasized that the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir Joko Widodo, the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, General Yudo Margono, was immediately responsible for the shootings carried out by members of the Indonesian National Armed Forces. The TNI shot brutally at civilians. civilians but instead killed innocent Papuan civilians for the purpose of seizing Papua’s natural wealth

Yogi conveyed when the Humanitarian Pause MoU was realized when he signed the UN UPR session in November 2022. carried out by the Papuan Church Council (DGP), Papuan Customary Council (DAP) and the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). In fact, the party assesses that the State of Indonesia has committed additional crimes against humanity against Papuans who have become victims of genocide over the State of Papua. Close it.

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