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Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) And Indonesian Military Police (POLRI) Brutally Arrest Civilians In Kisor West Papua Barat

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Photo of the Indonesian military arresting 24 innocent Papuan civilians doc The TPNPB News October 14, 2022

WEST PAPUA , THETPN-PBNEWS.COM 14/10/2022, There has been a military operation of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) and the Indonesian Military Police (POLRI) using 2 Dalmas trucks and 1 Patwal car and 3 Hilux cars, carrying out brutal arrests of 24 civilians and a minor and 1 baby child aged 2 months, in the village of Kisor Raya, South Aifat District, Perr- 14 October 2022 at 06:00 West Papua Time (wpb)

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The press release we received from the southern aifat civil society, Fery Sowe, caused tension with various WhatsApp to Media THETPN-PBNEWS.COM Gen RR Vull at the National TPN OPM West Papua Army 14/10

chronologically, some of them were caught by the Indonesian National Army TNI Indonesian Military Police (POLRI) as follows;


  1. Jeffry Aifat 34 years old
  2. Manfred ky 14 years old
  3. Zadrak Daddy 40 years old
  4. Karel Saa 50 years old
  5. Yance Ibiah 45 years old
  6. Petrus Sowe 60 years old
  7. Musa Sowe 2 years.
  8. Esau Sowe 17 years old.
  9. Frans Sowe 3 years.
  10. Jonathan Sowe 56 T.
  11. Adam sowe 4 years.
  12. Samson Ibiah 16 T.
  13. Arko Aifat 2 Months.


  1. Tince sowe 39 Years.
  2. Agustina Mate 14 T.
  3. Yuliana Ibiah 49 knows
  4. May Sowe 17 Years
    and her 2 month old son.
  5. Salo Ibish 2 years.

After the arrest from kisor village, south Aifat district, Maybrat district and returning to Sampika village, another resident was arrested on behalf of Name;

  1. Heirs Lease 29 T.

Then the YNI POLRI officers continued to carry out further patrols until they arrived at Faan kahrio village, Aifat district, Middle East and then they entered the area of the illegal Irian Build Timber Company (BKI) on the banks of the Kamundan river, there were also other arrests of civilians who served as The company’s employees include:

  1. Leo is 56 years old
  2. Gerardus Faan 40 T.
  3. Simon Kamat 39 T
  4. Jonathan Assem 40 T.

The number of arrests that occurred in Maybrat this morning amounted to 24 people and took them to the Maybrat police station.
So far it hasn’t come out.

Among the people who were able to arrest him, one (1) who was taken away to the South Sorong Police Station and also did not know his whereabouts, whether he had arrived at the Resort Police or not, asked for monitoring.

For this reason, we got a brief report from the community who are also victims of the Indonesian National Army Military Operations/Patrols (TNI) and the Indonesian Military Police (POLRI). So it is still an emergency in Maybray at this time.

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Gen : RR Vull


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