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Indonesian Government Immediately Takes Responsibility for The Murder And Mutilation Of 4 Civilians In Timika Papua

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Indonesian soldiers shoot dead 4 Ndugama residents in Timika 2022 / Vull doc The TPNPB News

MIMIKA – Irian Nirigi (late) and Arnold Lokbere (late) left the house using a black Toyota Avanza with number PA 1082 WR, Monday (22/08) around 09.00 Papua time. During the trip, the driver requested that the car be replaced on the grounds that the car would be used by the family.

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The car was then parked at SP IV in front of BRI Timika, then the driver replaced it with a red Toyota Astra Calya without a registration number, later it was discovered with the frame number MHKA6GJ6JKJ115394 which was burned by the perpetrators with the aim of eliminating traces of the crime.

The first car, which was used and replaced with a second car, was identified based on the information of a rental driver who owned a black Toyota Avanza, who did not want to be named. After changing cars, they picked up Atis Tini (the late) at KM 11 Kampung Kadun Jaya at around 19.45 Papua Time and then the car picked up one of the victims together with the three victims back to the Kamoro Jaya Village area, Wania District SP 1 Timika Papua.

After that, there was no communication at all, so we, the victim’s family, confirmed that the alleged murder took place in SP 1, as stated by several media based on the results of the investigation into the alleged perpetrators. The victim’s family since Monday (22/08) has not found any reports and/or information from anywhere until the body of Arnold Lokbere was found which shocked the victim’s family.

Previously, the victim’s family had never received information on the travel destination of the 4 victims. However, we, the families of the victims, know that they (the mutilation victims) are civilians and that their presence in Timika is to shop for building materials that will be brought to Nduga by ship.

Later, the victim’s family was shocked by the news through online media that one of the four victims was a KKB sympathizer (TPNPB-OPM) the Egianus Kogoya Group who operated in Mimika for firearms (senpi) and ammunition. We, the families of the victims, felt that the information was not true or a hoax, and the Regent of Nduga firmly stated that the four victims were actually civilians, so the media coverage was not true.

The murder and mutilation of an Indigenous Papuan by the Indonesian Military and 3 civilians who were Indonesian immigrants in Timika on August 22, 2022 is a state crime against humanity. This case is the most gruesome and shameful. This incident is very degrading to the human dignity of Papua, so it must be resolved to the end.

Therefore, the victim’s family urges the Indonesian government under the leadership of President Joko Widodo to immediately take responsibility. This means that the President must order the execution of the perpetrators of crimes who have mutilated 4 Papuan Papuans who are civilians. If the Indonesian government does not carry out executions of all the perpetrators, then the Papuan people will rise up and will take revenge in the same way.

Thus, we hope that this case should be brought to the attention of the international community, including the United Nations, because Indonesia has deceived the international community, including members of the United Nations. Indonesia through the Minister of Foreign Affairs has always said that in Papua there are no human rights violations, but in fact there are and this is really barbaric.

This case attacks the Papuan people, not the Nduga tribe. Therefore, all levels of the Papuan people collectively demand the Indonesian government and urge the United Nations that humanitarian intervention must be carried out immediately.

It should be noted that the victim’s family has handed over this case to the Papuan People, not to the family. The victim’s family has also handed over the victim’s body to be buried by the Papuan People, not by the family. This is done because the Indonesian government through military forces has attacked and demeaned the human dignity of the Papuan Nation.


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