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Complete The Heavy Ham On The Territory Of West Papua And Restore The Sovereignty Of The Papuan People In Accordance With The Applicable Law

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Photo of the victim being shot by the Indonesian state police and mutilating four Dugama residents in timika west Papua

PASIFIK, THETPN-PBNEWS.COM — Papuans are always humiliated by the State of Indonesia, as the law in force in 1969, the Act continues – until now in 2022 the peak is completely territorial.

Serious human rights violations, the mutilation of four (4) Dugama residents in Mimika and 4 high school children in Paniai district became the basis for serious human rights law. So Indonesia must be responsible, on the basis of applicable law in accordance with 1945.

The victims of the Indonesian security forces, against 4 high school children in Paniai Berdara district on December 8, 2014 and the mutilation of four (4) Dugama residents who were kidnapped by the intelligence of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) in Timika in 2022.

Indonesia’s humanitarian rules apply to killing Papuans, systematically destroying the democracy of the Papuan people unfairly and not prosperously based on beneficial laws from third parties (3).

The Papuan People and the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB OPM) Sorong Samarai Ask the Government of Indonesia to resolve serious human rights cases carried out by the Indonesian State over the West Papua Territory in accordance with applicable law.

Indonesia, Restore the sovereignty that once became independent in 1961 as West Papua’s independence day and 1971 as the day of the Proclamation of Independence of West Papua as the constitution of West Papua’s independence.

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