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Anton Gobay Banta Media Hoax Circulating Indonesian Colonial Public

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Photo of Anton Gobay while in prison in the Philippines in 2023

TOTIO, THETPN-PBNEWS.COMAnton Gobai who was just arrested by officers of the Philippine National Police in Siamba District on Saturday, January 7 2023. Hours, 05.23 Philippine Time. The media can be covered by via a short video, 12/01/2023.

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Wawancara Anton Gobay saat dalam rantai raksasa

According to Anton Gobay, I was arrested for violating Article 1 091 regarding possession of a weapon without having an official document and I am currently in the prison of the Philippine National Police in Siamba District. I have registered, following the Legal process applicable in the Philippines earlier on January 12, 2023.

“The Philippine government has received guests from Indonesia, to find out information about possession of firearms.
With questions given by Indonesian guests to Anton Gobay; What is the motivation for owning a weapon and the weapon was purchased, where will it be supplied?

However, Anton Gobay replied, admitting that answering the second question, I am a Papuan who is aware and what is clear is that Papuans will have weapons, even if weapons are dangerous items from their point of view. “The consequence is that the Papuan people will do or the Papuan people will do it in order to liberate a homeland that is free of love and also liberate the people they love. This was Anton Gobai’s answer to Indonesian guests and they accepted and returned to Indonesia.”

Also Cralification of a number of things on social media, one of which is my status being questioned by Papuans, my status is a pilot who donated body and soul to liberate the people of West Papua.

According to Anton Gobay, as an organization who recommended this work on dangerous goods, I am the Chief of Staff of the Air Force from the Supreme Commander of the West Papua Army (WPA) Mr Jendral. R.R. Demianus M Yogi who heads three military Defense Commands namely TPNPB, TNPB and TRWP Free Papua Organization headquartered in Totio Paniai West Papua on oaths and promises and orders from my superiors to do this for the liberation of the people of West Papua, for the liberation of the homeland of West Papua, In order to maintain the military administration and technical administration in the struggle for West Papua which is ready to become a neighboring country to Indonesia and the Philippines, we must carry out everything under high pressure under high security and the highest trust.

Then what if there is a response that criticizes bringing down or criminalizing it is normal because the biggest hoax comes from the colonialists and we have no right to slaughter all of them as a nation status that can be weak as weak Papuans who always accept the facts of oppression, murder and seizing wealth, he said.

Then the second clarification regarding the photo circulating with fellow pilots with the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe is clearly a hoax. Anton Gobay said he had never taken a photo with Governor Lukas Enembe and immediately clarified who he was and his face looked the same or the edits for Indonesia’s purpose turned the facts upside down. public deception in Indonesia closed.

Redaksi:(Gen RR Vullmembers Alampa)

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