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After The House Is Siege, Indonesian Police Force Arrest Buchtar Tabuni

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Photo of the capture of Tabuni evidence doc The TPNPB News/vull 17/2011

JAYAPURA PAPUA, THETPN-PBNEWS.COM – The Regional Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polda) Papua finally arrested Buchtar Tabuni in the courtyard of his residence, at Kali Kampwolker, Perumanas 3, Waena – Jayapura, West Papua.

 Buchtar Arrested by force by the Indonesian National Police.  Until now, it is not known what the reason for Buchtar’s arrest is.

 The Indonesian police are currently taking Buchtar to the Police Station.  Buchtar is currently being taken to the Jayapura Resort Police Office.

 Here’s the chronology:

 On Monday, October 17, 2022, the Indonesian Police using 6 Dalmas and 2 fully armed Patrols surrounded the residence of Bucthar Tabuni (Founder of KNPB, Chairman of PNWP and ULMWP Declaration).

 Around 10:00 am Papua time, fully armed Indonesian police arrived at Buchtar Tabuni’s residence at the Kamwolker river, Perumas 3, Waena – Jayapura.

 From 10:00 to 15:03 Papua time, Buchtar Tabuni’s residence was under siege.  The police are currently trying to arrest Buchtar Tabuni.

 It is not known what the underlying reason for the police surrounded Buchtar Tabuni’s residence.  Currently, the police have arrested Buchtar Tabuni and taken him to the Jayapura City Resort Police Station.

 Additional information:

 1. It is unknown what was the reason for Buchtar Tabuni’s Arrest

 2. There is no arrest warrant for Buchtar Tabuni

 3. Arrest is carried out by force

 4. At the beginning of the arrest, there was a siege of Buchtar Tabuni’s residence since morning

 5. Fully armed police

 6. Currently the Police are conducting emergency sweeps on the roads (Red Lights for the Abepura Circle and Skyland Climbs Jalan Baru)

 Please Monitor and Advocacy

 Whistleblower : Chris Dogopia

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